Your Session with Me

This section is here to inform you of what to expect from start to finish during your session. If you are new to massage therapy or are new to my practice please read on to learn what a session with me looks like. I do briefly go over this information with you during intake, but this information below is going more in-depth with it.

The session will begin with introductions and going through your intake form (if you are new). Then we will discuss the issues or pain that is going on. (Ex: Asking what it feels like and where it is located, when it started, what makes it better/worse, if it radiates to other areas of the body, etc.) I will then go over the plan for that session including areas that I will be working on and asking if there are any areas you do not wish to have work on. I will give recommendations on areas I will focus on based on the information you gave me in regards to symptoms. ***Disclaimer: If during the session I feel that a certain area may need more time or need to make a change to the plan I will update you during the massage to make sure everything is okay with you.*** After the plan is made I will ask you to undress when I leave the room and get under the covers. I will inform you if you will be face up or face down initially. *(For any questions regarding undressing please see FAQ page)* I will always knock before coming back into the room so please do not worry about being walked in on and I will always make sure I hear a verbal response from you before entering knowing you are all set.


Once I re-enter the room we will start the session. I will make sure you are all set with the table warmer setting and ask if you would like a bolster under your legs. I do ask that during your session if anything is bothering you or uncomfortable to please speak up and let me know. (Ex: Too hot/cold, lighting, music, bolstering, pressure to light or too deep, etc.) Please do not be afraid to speak up multiple times during your session if anything changes as I will not be offended. I want your session to be as amazing as possible. I will occasionally check in on these things with you during the session, but I am really looking for you to speak up when needed. I will also possibly chat with you during your session about things I may be finding. (Ex: If I find something while massaging I may ask how it feels for you when doing certain techniques or if it radiates anywhere. I may also ask if you have done something recently that could possibly have caused the tension, tightness, or knots that I may be feeling.) Anything I discuss with you during your session will only be pertaining to the work I am currently doing to give you the best session. I do ask that any conversation, not pertaining to the bodywork you are receiving, be kept to a minimum as it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the work I am doing when trying to listen to what you are saying. Thank you for understanding as I would love to hear things about you, but also want to make sure I give you the best massage possible.


Once the session is done I will verbally let you know that the session has ended and that I will be leaving the room to allow you to re-dress. When I leave please get up slowly as your body needs a moment to adjust after having so much work done. Once you are fully dressed please crack open the door a little to let me know you are ready for me to come back in. I will re-enter the room and grab a cup of water for you to drink while we do our quick little outtake. During the outtake I will chat a bit more in-depth about what I found/felt during your session. Like any knots, trigger points, tightness/mobility issues, or fascia build-up, etc. I will then discuss our treatment plan on how often you should come in for sessions and what we should focus more on during those sessions that will help you with your symptoms/pain. I will also give you some tips and tricks for self care in between our sessions to help keep your body feeling better. I will also collect your payment at this time and schedule any future appointments if you would like.


That’s it everything that will typically happen during your session with me. If you have any further questions or concerns please see my FAQ section. If not answered there please feel free to contact me via the contact section or by calling/texting me at 207-560-5505. I can’t wait for you to come in for your session with me and receive an amazing massage that will have you feeling better afterwards than when you first came in.