Q. Do you accept insurance?

At this time I am not currently able to accept insurance. I will be looking into this for the future and will keep my website and Facebook updated with this.

Q. Will I be covered during my massage? Must I be completely undressed?

You will be covered with certain draping techniques throughout your entire massage. Only the area of the body I am working on will be uncovered. You do not need to be completely undressed. Please note that I will not massage an area of the body if it is covered with clothing. (ex: if you keep your bra on I will not massage your upper back, shoulders, or chest) This is because the clothing will get in the way to give a proper massage and I do not want to get lotion on your clothing. Always dress to your comfort level but be aware you may not receive massage work on certain areas if you choose to keep certain clothing on. You can choose to keep or remove underwear whichever you prefer and are comfortable with. This is a judgment free zone.

Q. When should I avoid massage?

When you have any of these conditions, please do not book a massage:

  • Fever

  • Contagious Disease (including any cold or flu)

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol (including prescription pain meds)

  • Recent operations or acute injuries

  • Neuritis

  • Skin diseases

When you have any of these symptoms you can still receive a massage but will not have work done on or around the affected areas:

  • Varicose Veins

  • Undiagnosed lumps or bumps

  • Bruising

  • Cuts

  • Abrasions

  • Sunburn

  • Undiagnosed pain

  • Inflammation (including arthritis)

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, massage can only take place once it has been approved before your session in writing by your Physician.

  • Cardio-vascular conditions (thrombosis, phlebitis, hypertension, heart conditions or problems)

  • Any condition already being treated by a medical practitioner

  • Edema

  • Psoriasis or eczema

  • Osteoporosis

  • Cancer

  • Angina

  • Clients with pacemakers

  • Epilepsy

  • Diabetes

  • Bell’s Palsy

  • Trapped or pinched nerve

If you have any questions regarding symptoms or diagnosis and receiving massage work please contact me and I can discuss it further with you.

Q. What if I don’t want the massage therapist to work on a certain part of my body?

Where you are or are not comfortable with being massaged will be addressed during your intake before your session. Your session is created for you meaning only the areas you want worked on will be. This can also change with each session. There is no need to feel uncomfortable putting restrictions on your sessions with what areas are worked on. I will, however, always recommend certain areas be worked on depending on what you come in for. I do understand that certain areas may seem a bit uncomfortable to have worked on, but know that this work is professional treatment based work and a massage therapist is simply manipulating the muscle, tissue, and tendons/ligaments in that area.

Q. Can I stop the massage if I feel uncomfortable?

Absolutely! A massage session can be ended by either the client or massage therapist if either feel it is needed. Please note depending on the reasoning for ending the session the therapist may still have you pay partial or full price for the session.

Q. Do you tip a massage therapist? How much should I tip?

Tipping is not required but is appreciated if you choose to tip your therapist. In general, if you felt you had a great session, tipping for a 60 minute massage is usually 15-20%. For a 60 minute massage, at my practice, tipping in that percentage range would be about $10-$15. You can certainly go above or below that range or not tip at all it is completely up to you.

Q. What if you feel self-conscious of your body?

There is absolutely no need to feel self-conscious when having a massage. My space is a 100% judgment free zone. I am here to give you focused bodywork to help alleviate your aches and pains. Unshaved legs/underarms, body acne, weight, or anything else you may be self-conscious of are of no concern to me. A massage therapist seldom notices or is unfazed by these things as they are focused on the work they are doing during your session. All I want is for you to relax and not worry about a thing during your massage.

Q. How often should I receive a massage?

How often you come in for a session depends on what is going on with your body. Typically if you are experiencing a lot of symptoms, pains, and aches a massage therapist will most likely advise you to come in either once a week or every two weeks. If you are feeling pretty good, with just a few symptoms or pains, it would be recommended to come in every month or every two months. This is a more generalized answer and your massage therapist will go over a more customized follow up plan with you after your massage with them as each client will vary.

Q. What does a massage therapist’s license or certification mean?

A certification that is given to a massage therapist means they have completed the necessary schooling hours including clinic hours. I went to Spa-Tech Institute and needed 600 hours, 100 hours of those were clinics, to graduate. A license is given out by the state to massage therapists who have given proof of the requirements from the State of Maine to legally be licensed to massage in this state. That includes showing proof of the school transcripts/certification, completed required hours, and a clean background history to name a few. Please be sure to only see a massage therapist who has a license from the State of Maine.

Q. What is included in the session time?

Your session includes an intake, outtake, and hands on work. I do have a what to expect page on the website that goes into detail about each of these parts of your session.

Q. What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Massage therapy is beneficial for so many things. I have listed some of them below, but the list goes on.

  1. Improve balance in older adults

  2. Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain

  3. Temper effects of dementia

  4. Promote relaxation

  5. Lower blood pressure

  6. Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  7. Help chronic neck pain

  8. Lower joint replacement pain

  9. Increase range of motion

  10. Decrease migraine frequency

  11. Relieve stress

  12. Relieve postoperative pain

  13. Reduce anxiety and depression

  14. Manage low-back pain

  15. Help fibromyalgia pain

  16. Reduce muscle tension or pain

  17. Enhance exercise performance

  18. Relieve tension headaches

  19. Sleep better and reduce fatigue

  20. Ease symptoms of depression

  21. Improve cardiovascular health

  22. Reduce pain of osteoarthritis

  23. Improve Circulation

Q. How soon will I see results?

Results from massage therapy vary client from client. It also depends on what is going on with your body. If you are looking to see results from symptoms that you have had for months or years it will take a few sessions to really help relieve those symptoms long term. You should start to feel better after the first session, but most likely will not be long term until after a few sessions. It also depends on how often you come in when you are actively having symptoms. The more often you come in the sooner you will see more long term results.

Q. What is your cancellation/no show policy?

We respectfully ask that you provide us with a 24 hour notice of any schedule changes or cancellation requests. Please understand that when you cancel your appointment without providing a 24 hour notice we are often unable to fill that appointment time. This is an inconvenience to your therapist and also means our other clients miss the chance to receive services they need. For this reason, you will be charged 50% of the service fee for the first missed session and 100% of the service fee for each session after that.

Please understand that when you no show your appointment we are unable to fill that appointment time. This is an inconvenience to your therapist and also means our other clients miss the chance to receive services they need. For this reason, you will be charged 100% of the service fee each time you no show without giving the office notification that you will not be able to make your appointment. The office reserves the right to dismiss you as a client after 3 no shows at their discretion.

We reserve the right to require a credit/debit card when you book an appointment with our office, but will only charge that card in the event of a late cancellation or no show within accordance to this policy.

We understand that emergencies can arise and illnesses do occur at inopportune times. If you have a fever, a known infection, or have experienced vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours prior to your appointment time, we request that you cancel your session. Inclement weather may also result in the need for late cancellations. We will do our best to give advance notice if we are closing or need to cancel due to bad weather or illness and we ask you to do the same. Please do not risk your own safety trying to make your appointment. Late cancellation due to emergency, illness, or inclement weather will generally not result in any missed session charges, but this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q. What happens if I am late?

We request that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow time to fill out any required paperwork as well as answer any intake questions your therapist may have. We understand that issues can arise that may cause you to be late for your appointment. However, we ask that you call to inform us if this ever occurs so we can do our best to accommodate you. Appointment times are reserved for each client, so oftentimes we cannot exceed that reserved time without making the next client late. For this reason, arriving after your appointment time may result in loss of time from your massage so that your session ends at the scheduled time. Full service fees will be charged even when sessions are shortened due to late arrival. In return we will do our best to be on time, and if we are unable to do so we will add time to your session to make up for our late arrival or adjust the service charge accordingly.

Q. What if I am sick? Should I come to my appointment?

If you are experiencing a fever; severe cough; flu like symptoms; rash; vomiting; or diarrhea/constipation please do not come in for your appointment. Massage could potentially make this worse for you and could put your massage therapist at risk of catching what you may have. Canceling your appointment < 24 hours due to sickness is understood and you will most likely not have to pay the cancellation fee. Please note, though, that calling sooner rather than later is appreciated and if you start to feel even the slightest symptoms of an illness to call and reschedule. Please try not to wait until the last minute hoping it will get better as it is harder or impossible to try and fill your spot with another client.


***If you have any other questions or need more explanation on any of this please contact me to discuss further.