About Me


Hello and welcome to Athletae Massage; my name is Kendra Monroe. My story starts with me growing up playing a lot of sports that ended up causing me quite a few injuries. Massage therapy, along with other treatments, have really helped me heal and fix the injuries that burdened me for so many years. That’s when I decided I needed to go into this field to really help others with their injuries, aches, and pains. After some research I decided to go to school at Spa-Tech Institute and graduated from the therapeutic massage program in April 2019. I started working for a practice in the local Saco area and worked there for a few months when I came across this opportunity to open my own practice. This has always been my dream and I went straight to work getting this practice up and running. I emphasize more on focus style massage work. I truly want to help you find out what may be causing the aches/pains and do everything within my scope to help alleviate it. My style of work is typically geared towards focusing on 2-3 areas of concern for you and then adding in a couple of other areas that you would like or that may benefit from work with the concerns you have given me. My goal is to help you feel better after your session than when you first came in to see me.